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Kenzee's Legacy

MKC Kitchen LLC is a licensed commercial kitchen built on our family farm to  build our daughter Makenzee’s legacy. Makenzee was known to most as Kenzee or Kenz and dreamed her whole life of 19 years and 7 months of being a famous farm to table chef. She cooked on her daddy’s hip until she was old enough to reach on her own. She loved making foods of all sorts, as long as they were fresh and from scratch.

Kenzee showed her love and compassion for people through her food and through MKC Kitchen, we want to keep her dream alive. Kenz was weeks away from graduating culinary school, at the top of her class, when a negligent driver on his phone ended her life and changed all of our lives forever. Through God’s grace we attempt daily to repurpose our pain into passion by carrying on Kenzee’s dream.

She enjoyed cooking and baking so many different things, but her favorite, was making sauce with her dad.  She wanted the whole world to get to enjoy generations of goodness in this sweet, and a little spicy, universal sauce. For more information about Kenzee’s story go to and find out how she wanted to make a difference and you can too.  MKC Kitchen LLC is making a difference by donating a portion of all product sales to